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Reducing reliance on the grid and connecting to a microgrid can deliver the following benefits

  • Improved security and reliability of power - fewer black and brown outs
  • Lower costs now and into the future
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) and pollution emissions
  • Enable business expansion where current grid is maxed out

A key consideration is how you consume power as this is how it should be stored. Excess renewable energy can be stored as electrons, heat, cold, hydrogen, ammonia, pumped water head, and more. We can help deliver the most fit for purpose and economic solutions.

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Solar Pumping
Hybrid Solar
Waste to Energy
All Energy Pty Ltd

Design for Western QLD regional renewables precinct, incorporating ammonia for agriculture, hydrogen for heavy vehicles, and co-located usage of waste heat and biomass

Analytics of different solar nodes as part of Western QLD microgrid

All Energy Pty Ltd

Regional & Remote Communities Reliability Fund. Microgrids for Balonne Shire

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