Download Our Hydrogen (H2) Capability Statement.

All Energy Pty Ltd has completed the ollowing works on HYDROGEN projects:

• RFQ process for a 200MW PEM Electrolyser for renewable hydrogen in Central America.

• Process engineering and capital cost estimation for an electrolysis facility to create renewable hydrogen utilising an adjacent utility scale PV Solar array. More information: Feasibility of Renewable Green Hydrogen - Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA)  

  • • Gladstone Regional Council – hydrogen strategy for providing export tonnages of hydrogen; hydrogen electrolysis; hydrogen to support refinery and power station requirements.

  • • Northern Oil Refinery: engineering review of a renewable hydrogen system.

    • Energy Hub for a City Council: design and techno-economic assessment for renewable energy generation and hydrogen utilisation options including for heavy vehicle fuel, ligh vehicle fleet, hydrogen fuel cell co-generation: 
    Funding for studies to kick-start hydrogen industry (

    • Process engineering and RFQ documentation for a H2 electrolyser, compression, and load-out for a bus fleet.

    • Economic analysis and prelim design of a renewble H2 production facility co-located with utility scale wind and PV solar. 

    • WMI Pty Ltd: biogas to renewable power to green fuel project [H2 / bio-CNG].

    • Hydrogen from recycled water and co-located embedded power generation systems (solar PV and biogas) to fuel a truck fleet - feasibility study. 

    • Advanced Process Modelling utilising Open Source and ASPEN process modelling for gasification / pyrolysis of biomass to generate syngas [H2 / CO]; gaseous fuel handling / compression systems.

    • Institute of Chemical Engineers - Energy Workshops including H2 production and utilisation options.

    • Queensland Government’s zero emissions by 2050 target: opportunities assessment including hydrogen for infrastructure and transport energy.

    • Audits on industrial facilities including hydrogen generation / utilisation.

Process, Environmental and Biotech Engineering
All Energy Pty Ltd provides advice on achieving economic and operational improvements whilst reducing exposure to rising energy prices. All Energy Pty Ltd can develop a strategic direction on complex problems and how to achieve rapid rates of financial return. All Energy Pty Ltd has a focus of solving complex projects but utilizing technology and engineering solutions.

Process engineering principals can be applied to any business to design optimized and efficient systems in areas including:

  • Waste Heat Recovery and Solar Heating for Process Heat: Combustion Air, Thermal Oil and Water Preheating.
  • Lower Energy Cooling and Chilling Systems.
  • Motor Energy Reduction and Improvements: Pumps, Soft Starters, Variable Voltage/Variable Frequency, Higher Efficiency.
  • Lube Oil Reuse for Anfo, Boilers, Gen Sets or Base Oil.
  • Haulage Optimisation: Road Surface, Haul Road Design, Vehicle-load-operation Optimisation.
  • Mining Operations Optimisation.
  • Supply Chain Energy Minimisation.
  • Comminution: Real Time Particle Size Monitoring and Optimisation, Automated Ball Sensing and Charging.
  • Mining Camp, Bore Field, Infrastructure and Remote Equipment Solutions.
  • Waste Management and Water Cost Reduction.
  • Environmental Engineering
Biotech and Bio-Process Engineering

Bio-Engineering for bioprocess and biotechnology projects including concept, feasibility studies, capital and operating cost estimation, and project management.

Key offerings include:
  • Cost-benefit Analyses / Value Engineering Assessments
  • Process Parameter Optimisation
  • Mass and Heat Flux Modeling
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Energy Management / Motor Hierarchy
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Controller Tuning and Set Point Review
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Process Economics
  • Automation and Remote Monitoring
  • Balance of Plant Analysis / Supporting Infrastructure Analysis
  • Life Cycle Analyses
  • Risk Management and Risk Register Generation

All Energy Pty Ltd adds value by understanding the process from bio-chemical perspective then considering the implications of the installed plant / design and how business goals can be achieved by optimizing the performance of unit operations whilst considering implications on the entire systems.

All Energy Pty Ltd