Energy Strategy and Operating Cost Reduction

There are two sides to energy costs:

Demand : Where, in what form and how much energy is consumed.

Supply : How it is generated or procured. Efficiency and optimisation strategies can be applied to both sides in order to achieve cost reductions.

All Energy Pty Ltd can provide power generation strategies for designs that are lower cost ($/kWh and $/GJ generated over life of plant), provide higher energy security and have lower emissions than traditional "black" energy options.

Integrated and hybrid systems providing greater energy security by reducing reliance on the fuel supply chain and obtaining more energy per unit of fuel consumed. Technologies are selected to meet the characteristics of each geographic location.


Examples include:

  • Simultaneous power & heating from a range of energy sources for remote areas, energy limited areas or facility specific applications.
  • Energy Storage: Deep Cycle Batteries, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Fly Wheels, Cost Effective UPSs.
  • H2 production and utilization
  • Power Management Systems
  • Retro-fitting / Integrating Renewables: Micro-turbines, Process Heat, Wind, PV, Mini-hydro.
  • Multi-fuel engines using combinations of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Recycled Lube, Bio-oil / SVO, Bio-diesel, Ethanol, in conjunction with Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil.
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Concentrated Solar Thermal.
  • Organic Ranking Cycle via Waste Heat Recovery.
  • Co-generation and Tri-generation.
  • Power Generation from excess steam or pressure.
  • Waste to Energy: Solids, Bio-gas, Pyrolysis, Gasification.




All Energy Pty Ltd All Energy Pty Ltd

Principal engineer Gareth Forde is:
• an energy and greenhouse gas auditor with the Federal Government's Clean Energy Regulator: Clean Energy Regulator Website.

• a Registered Consultant with the Australian Federal Government's Climate Active to assist Organisations and Products / Services achived formal carbon neutral certification.