Operating Cost Reduction

Energy cost reduction is one of the major opportunities for businesses to reduce operating costs. Business must be better informed on how they can procure cheaper energy whilst reducing energy usage to achieve energy cost reductions. This is pertinent to all forms of energy including electricity, transport fuels, power plants and process heat. Bench marking against best practice or competitors will clarify energy goals and show where business improvements can be made.

In addition to energy, other key operating cost considerations include:

  • Raw Materials
  • Plant Availability and Utilisation
  • Co-product / By-product / Waste Generation and Handling Costs
  • Supply Chain Costs and Water

Power (first) and fuel (second) costs are now the highest variable operating costs for mine sites and, for the first time, are now higher than labor costs (at third).

Follow the link below for information on a workshop on "Energy Cost Reduction – Efficiency and On-Site Generation" to be held in Melbourne on 22 March 2018 


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